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When you’re experiencing pain and discomfort, there’s no need to let it go on any longer than necessary. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, preparing for surgery, dealing with pain due to a condition, or looking to prevent injuries and pain in the first place, a rehab gym may be just the place you’ve been searching for. Rehab gyms such as Powerhouse Gym allow you to exercise in the way that’s best for you, guided by experienced physiotherapists who want to see you reach your goals as much as you do.

Keep On Movin’

Improving your mobility, strength, and performance is a big task, and it can take a village. Luckily, that village is right here in the National Hockey Centre in Lyneham! At Powerhouse Gym, we focus on your rehab goals whether it be for strength, mobility, agility, or all of the above.

Our team of experienced physiotherapists are dedicated to assessing your injury or condition, determining your rehab goals, and providing ongoing assessments and adjustments based on your progress. Through a program that’s custom designed just for you, your physio will guide you through your sessions to manage your return to daily life and provide you with tips and exercises with the aim of preventing future injury.

Once you’re comfortable performing your exercises independently, we may then recommend completing them at home, or connect you with a personal trainer for further 1:1 support.

What A Rehab Gym Can Be Used For

Injury Rehabilitation

Not all injuries require surgery, but they do require rehabilitation of some type in order to get you back to your regular activities. The rehabilitation process itself will depend on your specific injury and goals, and is always tailored to you as an individual.

Pre And Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Pre-operative rehabilitation, or prehab, is for people who are going to have surgery. This helps them to become stronger before the surgery as well as learning all the things they will do in post-operative rehabilitation.

Post-operative rehab is for people who have undergone surgery. This aims to re-establish joint motion and function and help people to heal and recover as well as possible.

Injury Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. Rehab gym can aid in injury prevention through education and exercises that focus on your individual needs. We aim to prevent injuries through strengthening exercises and addressing any imbalances or problem areas that you may have.


Our Rehab Process

The rehab process is tailored to each individual, so your rehab may look different to the person next to you. Rest assured that our knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapists have your best interests at heart and always aim to help you in as safe and efficient a way as possible. We may also connect you with a personal trainer or another practitioner to help you achieve your goals.

As a general guide, our approach to the rehab process looks like:

  1. Taking your medical history
  2. Assessment by a physio
  3. Determining your rehab goals
  4. Guided sessions with a physio (this will vary depending on your specific needs)
  5. Ongoing assessment and adjustment based on your progress
  6. Managing your return to sport and/or daily life
  7. Providing you with tips and exercises with the aim of preventing injuries in the future

Our Facilities

Our location is second to none, situated at the National Hockey Centre in the Lyneham Sporting Precinct. Here we have an onsite gym as well as outdoor hockey fields, so nothing is off limits when it comes to your rehab goals.

Looking For A Rehab Gym In Canberra? Get In Touch

Whether you’re an existing Powerhouse Physio client or brand new to Powerhouse Gym, we’re more than happy to have you. Age and ability are no barrier— in fact, our Masters class for over 65s is one of our most popular classes!

Whatever your circumstances and needs, our physiotherapists will help you progress through the exercises necessary to get you back out there quickly and safely. To get started on improving your strength, agility, and overall performance, contact us at Powerhouse Gym today.