You don’t have to be an athlete to be treated like one.

No one wants to be injured or in pain. Unfortunately, it is extremely likely that at some stage you will have an episode or incident that will affect your ability to play sport or do the activities you enjoy the most. And that’s where a Physio can help.

It is important that physiotherapy is aligned with your goals as a patient and the aim should always be to help you return to activity safely, as soon as possible and with the smallest risk of re injury. For some people that might be running a marathon or simply playing outside with your children. For others it might be being able to sit comfortably for 30 minutes or to comfortably rise from sitting in a low chair.

Powerhouse Physiotherapy has a strong connection with athletes from a variety of sports and we use the same principles with our elite athletes as we do with everyday clients when it comes to returning to pre injury function. After sitting down with you to discuss your goals your Physiotherapist will map out a plan, provide you with an expected recovery time frame and suggest how many appointments we anticipate it will take. We will carry out a series of tests to work out what your level of function is and these will be remeasured along the way to track your progress and improvement.

We use structured tests to move from one stage of rehabilitation to the next to reduce the risk of any re injury and gradually overload the injured structures. An example of some common milestone tests after ankle surgery are:

  • Knee to wall test (a test of ankle flexibility)
  • Able to raise on toes on both legs
  • Able to raise on toes on affected leg
  • Able to complete three hops for distance within 90% of other side
  • Straight line running
  • Change of direction running

Our aim is to keep you doing as much as you can while you are injured and you might be surprised how much you are able to keep doing. Our Physiotherapists play an active roll in your recovery outside of your sessions too. We like to correspond with anyone else who is involved in your care, such as coaches, personal trainers, yoga instructors and gym staff regarding your injury and current limitations. This ensures every is on the same page and will improve your recovery and help to prevent further injury.

To get back in action better, faster and stronger it’s time to go where the athletes go.