What Exercises To Do In A Rehabilitation Gym

What Exercises To Do In A Rehabilitation Gym

Sports injuries, medical conditions, surgery, and general wear and tear can lead to a host of ongoing issues. Managing these as well as possible and preventing further problems is important to minimise the impact that they have on your life now and into the future.

There are a variety of ways physiotherapists can support your rehabilitation process including manual therapy and using tools such as acupuncture needles and shockwave therapy machines.
We can also provide you with rehabilitation exercises and stretches to carry out. At Powerhouse Gym, our experienced physiotherapists will support you to reach your goals and increase your strength, flexibility, agility, and functionality.

Our physio team will customise a program suited to your needs and guide you through each session to help you find improvement. Our rehab gym is a great place for you to work safely towards recovery.

Who Needs Physical Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation can be beneficial for you if there are day-to-day activities that have become difficult to perform due to reasons such as pain, reduced mobility, illness, or disability. Some examples of issues that may respond positively to rehabilitation include:

  • Sports injuries such as severe tendon tears.
  • Broken bones.
  • Limb amputation.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Burns.
  • Surgery.

What Is Involved At A Sports Rehabilitation Gym?

Rehabilitation is a personal process and can differ greatly between people depending on their issue or condition, their symptoms, and their goals. Even if two people have the same sports injury, their rehabilitation plan can be vastly different. That is why it is important to consult an experienced professional for assistance in creating the most appropriate program for you so that you can work towards getting results in a safe manner.

We will provide an initial consultation in which we will undertake a comprehensive assessment. This can involve discussing your medical background and the history of the issue that requires rehabilitation, reviewing scans and information from your healthcare team, and undertaking a physical examination.

From there, we will form a rehab program that consists of exercises and stretches that are appropriate for your body, needs, target outcomes, and the stage you are at in the recovery process. This may involve exercises that are aimed at improving balance, strength, aerobic fitness, and range of motion. We will teach you how to perform each exercise and stretch correctly to get the most from them in a way and help you to make changes when necessary.

What Will My Rehabilitation Program Include?

There is a variety of options when it comes to what your rehab program can involve. The Powerhouse Gym has a wide range of modern equipment, including access to the outdoor hockey fields. Your program may include elements such as gym circuits, cardio, core stability, and Pilates. We also provide education and guidance in relation to your injury, requirements, limitations, and goals for both your rehabilitation program and for your daily life. At regular intervals, we will assess your progress and make changes when suitable. We may also recommend other forms of therapy in conjunction with your rehabilitation program, such manual therapy or dry needling, which we can carry out.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to rehab but to give you an idea of what you may do with us, here are some examples of exercises in terms of different sports injuries.

Back Injuries

A key component of improving a back injury is to increase your core strength. Some moves we may suggest are pelvic tilts, leg slides, upper body lifts, walking, bird dogs, and partial crunches.

Knee Injuries

The knee joint is one of the most frequently used joint in the body, so it makes sense that it is susceptible to damage and degeneration. It also means that knee injuries can be highly impactful and frustrating because they can significantly limit your movement alongside causing pain. Increasing the strength of the muscles around the knee and the hips can be effective for improving knee issues. Exercises may include step-ups and straight leg raises.

Shoulder Injuries

Pain and inflammation in and around the shoulder can impact your ability to perform a variety of daily activities that involves actions such as lifting, pushing, and pulling. Often, shoulder injuries need time to rest before taking more active steps to improvement. Once we have advised it is safe to continue, we may suggest exercises such as crossover arm stretches and pendulums.

Rehabilitate At Powerhouse Gym

When you face an issue that requires rehabilitation, it can feel like there is a long and difficult road ahead. However, rehabilitation does not need to be disheartening or boring. Our physios will develop an interesting and beneficial customised rehab program for you and help you every step of the way. It is important to take things slowly, listen to professionals and to your body, and keep at it.

Make an appointment for an initial consultation so we can undertake an assessment and begin creating a rehab program for you at the Physio Gym in the National Hockey Centre at the Lyneham Sporting Precinct.