‘Stop exercising!’ isn’t always the answer.

A lot of people put off booking in to see a canberra physio because they don’t want someone to tell them to “STOP exercising”.
We hear it regularly, ‘I didn’t come in because I didn’t want you to tell me not to do it’.

Stopping exercise doesn’t always solve the problem or treat the pain. Sometimes you might have to have brief periods of rest from aggravating activities. In other cases, it might be a case of limiting or modifying the actions/exercises you’re undertaking to enable structures in your body to settle and heal.

Often, doing absolutely nothing is more detrimental than continuing to do as much as possible. In the meantime, we will list all the activities that are still ok to do so you don’t have to stop exercising. One very simple example may be swapping high impact activities (running) for a low impact alternative (walking).

At Powerhouse, we use our knowledge of injuries and healing times to recommend the most appropriate plan of action. Ultimately the final decision is always up to you though.

Don’t struggle with painful injuries unnecessarily! Come in and we will help get you back better, stronger, faster.