Spring in Canberra is a great time to be exercising outside.  We are lucky enough to have some beautiful outdoor areas that are accessible to the public within reach of the city like Lake Burley Griffin, Yarralumla foreshore and Reconciliation Place.  There are also some mountains with excellent running trails of varying difficulty levels including Mount Ainslie, Mount Taylor and One Tree Hill.

Outdoor bootcamps are a great way to get involved in supervised exercise programs and usually consist of a mix of running, body weight strength exercises and functional movements training.  We are lucky in Canberra to have a lot of high quality providers but my favourite is The Adventure Project. This type of exercise is great for variety and to mix up your training as well as seeing some of the best nature Canberra has to offer.  Unfortunately it also usually coincides with an increase in shin and Achilles pain in the clinic as people start to return to training following their winter hibernation.  Most of these are avoidable with the correct preparation.

Previously we have discussed Achilles injury and CrossFit and these still apply to outdoor Bootcamps.

Things to consider when starting outdoor Bootcamps:

  • Get a sturdy pair of shoes. You will be running on dirt trails and paths as well as getting on and off the ground!  Make sure your shoes are right for your feet and good quality which will reduce your chance of getting foot, ankle and shin injuries.
  • Find a good quality instructor. All instructors should ask you about any injuries before your start and modify any exercises appropriately.
  • Build up slowly. You will likely be doing a large range of exercise that you might not have done before or at least for a while.  Take time to let your body adapt and gradually increase the amount of training you are doing.
  • Take water with you. Canberra mornings can start of cold but you warm up quickly when you are outside running around.

If you have any concerns about injuries that you think might affect your ability to keep training or doing the things you love, make an appointment to see one of our Physio’s here at Powerhouse.  We will take the time to sit down with you to discuss your injury and appropriate rehabilitation. We can also email and discuss with your coach or fitness instructor so that everyone is on the same page, and you can continue training and doing the things you enjoy!