Should I Go To A Physio For Knee Pain?

Should I Go To A Physio For Knee Pain?


Knee pain can occur due to a multitude of reasons, so knowing what treatment might help may feel confusing. 

Our physiotherapists are experienced and passionate about assisting patients to improve their physical comfort and functionality with a whole-body, holistic approach. The Powerhouse Physio team is experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide array of issues that can affect the body due to a variety of issues, such as injury and medical conditions. 

Painful, stiff, and inflamed knees are frequently a reason for people to visit our clinic because of the workload they face every day and the impact the resulting decreased mobility and functionality can cause.

Physiotherapists are experienced in assessing and supporting a broad array of problems, particularly those linked to the musculoskeletal system. Find out how physiotherapy may be able to help your knee pain.


Factors That May Be Causing Your Knee Pain

Factors that can cause knee pain can include joint degeneration, soft tissue injuries, health conditions such as arthritis, overuse, growth spurts, and pain referral from other affected body areas. Symptoms that can present alongside constant, irregular, sharp, dull, acute or chronic pain may include swelling, stiffness, reduced mobility or noise when bending or straightening your leg.


The Benefits Of Going To A Physio For Knee Pain

There are several benefits of seeing a physiotherapist for knee pain. These may include:

Thorough Assessment, Diagnosis, And Personalised Treatment Plan Development

Our physiotherapists are qualified to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your issue to identify the underlying factors. They will create a plan that incorporates relevant physiotherapy techniques and work with you to help you achieve improvement and reach your goals.

Pain Relief 

A physiotherapist can use a variety of techniques to help relieve your knee pain, including massage, stretches, and technology such as ultrasound therapy.

Improved Mobility And Flexibility

Physiotherapy can also help improve your knee joint mobility, which may be reduced due to pain or inflammation, by strengthening the area and reducing stiffness.

Preventive Care

A physiotherapist can also help you prevent further knee issues with exercises and stretches, education regarding better techniques during physical and daily activity, adaptations, and lifestyle changes. 

Non-invasive Treatment

Physiotherapy may help you avoid surgery for knee problems by improving joint mobility, reducing inflammation, strengthening the soft tissues that support the knee joint, reducing risk and preventing further issues, and increasing overall function.


Physiotherapy Techniques For Knee Pain

 After an initial examination and discussion regarding goals and plans for treatment, your physio will utilise a range of techniques that are relevant to your issue. These may include:


  • Manual therapy, such as massage or joint manipulation.
  • Technology use, such as gait analysis and ultrasound therapy.
  • Heat or cold therapy.
  • Customised orthotics. 
  • Strapping, taping, or braces.
  • Mobility aids.
  • Prescription of exercises and stretches.
  • Support and guidance, and the creation of a personalised program to use in our rehab gym.

When Should I Not Go To A Physio For Knee Pain?

Although many problems that result in knee pain and accompanying issues can be diagnosed and treated by a physiotherapist, some may require assessment by a doctor and further investigations. It is important to seek medical assistance in certain situations depending on your symptoms, such as heavy bleeding, and the history of the complaint, such as a traumatic fall.


Find Relief From Knee Pain At Powerhouse Physio 

Pain of any sort can be frustrating. Knee pain in particular can impact your daily activities to a significant degree given the importance of the knee and all that it does for us. Whether the cause is down to biomechanical or structural abnormalities, a health condition, injury, referred pain, or wear and tear, knee pain can be debilitating.

That is why it can be highly beneficial to seek professional guidance and treatment promptly. Our physios are adequately trained and experienced to help you feel more comfortable and return to a more normal state of functionality. 

You do not require a referral to see us, though we may need to gain information from investigations such as scans and x-rays for certain conditions, which you do need to see a doctor for. 

If you are experiencing knee pain, inflammation, stiffness, or reduced mobility, please contact our friendly team to organise an initial consultation with one of our physios.