Red Light Exercises

“I don’t have time to do my exercises” is a common response to a physio’s home exercise prescription. After a busy day at work, plus housework, cooking dinner, looking after children, no one usually gets to the end of the day thinking, “I can’t wait to do 30 minutes of monotonous rehab exercises!” I get it – and I’m the exact same!

When specific exercises are the key to successful rehab, wherever possible I try to incorporate exercises into day to day life. For example, there are plenty of exercises that can be performed while sitting at the red lights (in time otherwise spent getting infuriated that you just copped the third red light in a row!) or while waiting for the kettle to boil, or brushing your teeth, or during an add break. Time that is otherwise wasted, can now be your physio rehab time.

So next time you’re sitting at the red lights and look beside you to see someone repeatedly tucking their chin in and out you’ll know why!

Stay tuned for our continued series of exercises to be performed at red lights!

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