Red Light Exercises – Pelvic Floor

The next blog in our Traffic Light series is by Suzie Goodall who explains her go-to Red Light exercise and why.


Pelvic floor

I like it because…

It’s one of the best exercises to do when you’re wasting your life at the lights.  Easy enough to perform once you’ve got the knack and best of all, no-one can tell you’re doing them!   The other reason I like them is because I don’t want to cough, skip or jump later in life and be left standing in a puddle. Awkward!

It is useful for…

Anyone who lifts weights (especially heavy ones) and for any pregnant or postpartum women.  Not only does giving birth loosen up those pelvic floor muscles but if you have been doing heavy lifting and not working or controlling your pelvic floor properly, there is a chance the next time you jump, hop, skip or cough that you will have follow through of the fluid variety…not nice!

I ask people to…

To think of your pelvic floor as an elevator, if you’re sitting think about gently lifting your pelvic floor up off the seat (closing front passage, closing back passage), it’s only a small gentle movement and shouldn’t involve any other part of your trunk.  Imagine that you are peeing and you stop half way!

To find out more or to get some assistance improving your pelvic floor control, get in touch with our highly qualified canberra physios and book an appointment to see how we can help.