CrossFit – you either love it or hate, no in between.

But why does CrossFit get such a bad rap?  CrossFit is known for workouts that put emphasis on repetitions and time. That in itself is not a problem, until you start to sacrifice proper form and technique for reps. This can happen in any setting, not just CrossFit, and all can lead to or contribute to acquiring an injury during training.

There are many factors that can contribute to injury in any training environment:

  • Poor or incorrect lifting technique
  • Poor body mechanics
  • Too heavy a weight
  • Fatigue
  • Poor mobility and flexibility
  • Illness
  • Poor concentration.

It doesn’t matter whether your flavour of choice is CrossFit, functional fitness, boot camp or hitting the gym, you are at risk of injury when you presume you know what you’re doing when in reality you have never learnt to move correctly under load.

So what is the key to proper form and technique?

  • Education and coaching:
    • Find a great coach and learn how to lift correctly and move under load
    • Make sure they have suitable qualifications and experience in the area
    • If you’re not sure then ask. If no direction from the coaches then find another CrossFit, boot camp or gym because correct direction is paramount to correct technique
  • Functional / Dynamic warm up:
    • Should include some form of cardio (rower, running, skipping, followed by repeated movements targeting the body area you are about to use)
  • Static stretching can also be utilised but best to mix it in with a dynamic warm up
  • Take your time with each lift or movement focusing on bar pathway and body position
  • Correct practice and repetition.

Remember it doesn’t matter where you train but it does matter how you train!

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