Motorbikes – a pleasure and a pain!

I love nothing better then taking my motorbike out for a long ride especially after a long break due to the Canberra winters, but I really struggle with that searing ache that I get right between my shoulders blades that comes with riding a sports bike for periods longer than 20 minutes! It tends to put a damper on that freedom I feel when I’m out on the highway and usually cuts my ride short.  I’m sure all you fellow rev heads know exactly what I’m talking about and have at some time had the same experience.


Depending on what style of bike you ride will depend on where you are most likely to feel it in your body.
I’m a sports bike fan and love my CBR 600 but after riding it from Melbourne to Canberra after purchasing it I felt that I had made a grave mistake; my upper back/thoracic spine was so stiff, and the muscles between my shoulder blades & my upper traps were on fire, not to mention the numbness and tingling I developed in my right ring and little finger from squeezing the throttle so hard.  I started to wonder how on earth riding was going to be fun and relaxing when I was in so much pain.

Well, the good news is with proper positioning on the bike, regular thoracic mobility work and bike ‘hardening’, my bike became my new best friend and now that the warmer weather is upon us, I can be seen out and about carving it up on the highway pain free.

If this rings true to you why not come and talk to us so we can show you how to prepare and work out some ‘prehab’ for long sessions out on the road doing what you love!

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