David aka ‘Speedie’ Speldewinde, has been playing floorball since 2007 and has been the President of Floorball ACT since 2012. Dave spends countless hours organising training sessions and competitions, coaching junior players, planning the ‘come and try’ sessions and corporate challenge days. Dave was selected to represent Australia at the Asia Pacific Championships (World Floorball Championships Qualifiers, WFCQ) in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012, and while he missed out on selection to the team in 2014 he worked hard and was rewarded with his selection earlier this year. On top of this, he has also been selected on the Australian team for the World Floorball Championships (WFC) in 2008, 2010 and again this year in Latvia in December. His nickname at floorball, Speedie, is due to both his surname and style of play.

Speedie Floorball  Powerhouse Success Story

2016 has been a challenging year for Dave. Two weeks prior to departure to Thailand for the WFC Qualifiers at an interstate competition in Sydney, Dave suffered a serious knee injury on court. After being relatively injury free throughout his career, this was a heavy blow that left him barely able to walk. An MRI confirmed he had partially torn his posterior cruciate ligament (usually 6-8 weeks for a full recovery) and not long after, he began an intense course of physiotherapy with the physiotherapists at Powerhouse Physiotherapy as recommended by his coach and mentor Peter McNally. In an effort to see him back in action as soon as possible for WFCQ, he was urgently referred by Powerhouse staff to a sports medicine specialist for a cortisone injection prior to leaving for Thailand.

Thankfully after all this work and an intense rehab schedule designed by Powerhouse staff, Dave was able to join the team in Thailand and surprisingly quickly his knee became good enough to make the final training and pass a fitness test for the tournament games. He participated in every game and even managed to score a goal for Australia in the first game against Malaysia which helped prove he was fit enough and playing well enough for a larger role later in the tournament. The Australian team ended up winning the Asia Pacific regional qualification tournament in Thailand securing their spot at the WFC in Latvia this December.

In late March this year, Floorball ACT and Floorball Australia Coach Peter “Macca” McNally suffered a heart attack and sadly, passed away. Missing out on selection in 2014, Dave was determined to make the team this year and Macca provided him with guidance, encouragement and a thorough fitness schedule. He was Dave’s mentor and role model, and he and Dave worked closely together planning Dave’s return to the Australian team for 2016. With Macca gone, Dave had to continue with their plan on his own. Dave found out at the beginning of October that he was selected for the Australian team for the World Floorball Championships in Latvia and was elated. After a tumultuous year it felt as much of a victory for himself as it was a tribute to Macca and a chance to make him proud.

Powerhouse Physiotherapy: David aka ‘Speedie’ Speldewinde

Powerhouse Physiotherapy are extremely proud to be Dave’s sponsor, and are thrilled with his passion, as well as his dedication to his rehabilitation. Congratulations on your selection Dave! We’ll all be cheering for you.