Louise Ellery – Author, Paralympian, Elite Athlete

Meet Louise Ellery. Author. Paralympian. Elite Athlete.

Our next athlete to feature in Powerhouse’s Athlete Profile series is Louise Ellery. You may recognise Louise’s name around town as she won bronze recently in the Women’s Shot Put F32 with a throw of 4.19m at the 2016 Rio Paralympic games!

Louise Ellery

Louise Ellery with Taylor Doyle returning to Australia from the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.

Not only is Louise a regular client at Powerhouse, and an amazing athlete, you may not know of her writing success. Louise wrote and co-produced a film, With Little Hope, which was based on her experience and injury as a young adult.

“With Little Hope tells the story of a young woman Suzanne, who’s life takes an extreme change of direction after a terrible car accident. When she finally wakes from a coma Suzanne must struggle against the odds to learn to walk and talk again. Set mainly in hospital, with her family and her team of health professionals by her side, Suzanne embarks on an inspiring journey of recovery. Amazingly, the story ends with a Commonwealth gold medal victory! With Little Hope, written by Louise Ellery, is a heart-felt story based on her personal experience recovering from an acquired brain injury.”https://withlittlehopefilm.wordpress.com/

Louise has said that while the film was based on her personal experiences, the severity of her accident was not depicted in the film.

Canberra Short Film Festival


  • Canberra Short Film Festival
  • Canberra International Film Festival
  • Hong Kong World International Film Festival
  • Heart of Gold International Film Festival – Gympie
  • New York Film World International Film Festival
  • Malta World International Film Festival


  • Best cinematography – Canberra Short Film Festival, Sept 2016
  • Best Producer – Hong Kong World International Film Festival, Oct 2016
  • Best Short Film – New York Film World International Film Festival, Dec 2016
  • Official Selection – Malta World International Film Festival, Dec 2016
  • Best Film inspired by a True Story – Heart of Gold International Film Festival Inaugural Award – Gympie, Dec 2016

Congratulations to Louise on all her success, both on and off the silver screen!

You can learn more about the film at the With Little Hope Facebook page, or on the film’s website, https://withlittlehopefilm.wordpress.com/.