Jetettes make finals in ALFW Comp

The Gungahlin Jets Australian Football Club is a local community club in the north of Canberra. The women’s team, the “Jetettes” was started 10 years ago, and coached by AFLW Adelaide Crows premiership coach, Rebecca Goddard. The women’s team has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, losing in the first few years by over 100 points most games, to inching up to 5th and 6th position for a couple of years, before last year taking out the AFL Canberra premiership.

In 2016, the Jetettes were sitting in 5th place before the final round of the competition. In order to advance to the finals, they needed to win their final game against the Queanbeyan Tigers, another up and coming community club! It was a fierce match, and with a goal in the last 2 minutes, the Jetettes advanced to the finals in 4th place. The Jetettes then took out Queanbeyan again, then went on to demolish one of the toughest teams in the comp – Belconnen – for a spot in the Grand Final. Through grit and determination, a solid group of players, and exceptional support staff, the Jetettes took out their first premiership in Jets club history.

This year, the Jetettes have finished the competition rounds in 2nd place, and are looking to again take down Belconnen for a place in the grand final, a rematch of last year’s grand final against Eastlake!

Over the past few years, the Jetettes have moved from strength to strength, but this wouldn’t have been possible with out the support of Kristy and the team at Powerhouse Physiotherapy.  Kristy and the team have managed to keep all of the players on the field over the past couple of years, meaning this weekend the coaching panel had a full squad to choose from for our preliminary final. Kristy has also helped one of our players back from two shoulder reconstructions. That player this year has finished inside the top 10 goal-kickers for the year.

Kristy and the Powerhouse team have introduced a new level of professionalism for the women’s team, helping us to look after ourselves, stay fit, and play at the best level possible, allowing us to reach the top 2 in two consecutive years. Without Kristy and the team, I can truly say that the Jetettes would not have been so successful, and would not have had as many girls on the field as we’ve been able to each week.

By guest author, Caitlin Bunker – Leadership group of the Gungahlin Jets Women’s Team