How Many Physiotherapy Sessions Do I Need?


When you are receiving treatment from a physiotherapist, it can be difficult to know how long to keep seeing them. Are you sore because physiotherapy is helping or hindering? If you stop now that you feel good, will the problem come back? Your physio says to return, but do they just want your custom?

Physiotherapy can be highly beneficial for a multitude of injuries and conditions. Depending on the nature of your issue, you may find relief and improvement after one session, you may require several to give your body enough support and time to heal as best as possible, or you might need ongoing top ups for an extended period of time. 

At Powerhouse Physio, we believe it is important that you have a clear idea of what your treatment may involve and that you receive regular updates regarding your response to therapy. Making sure your time with us is well spent is integral to our care and that includes you being aware of how many physiotherapy sessions you may need.

What Are The Benefits Of Physiotherapy?

Our physiotherapists will create a personalised treatment plan that caters for your requirements and can help you reach your goals. Techniques that may be employed may include:

  • Joint realignment.
  • Muscle release and stretching.
  • Massage.
  •  Prescription of exercises and stretches.
  •  Education and lifestyle advice relevant to your condition or issue. 
  • Supply of and education regarding resources such as mobility aids, strapping, and customised orthotics.
  •  Use of technology such as ultrasound therapy and gait analysis.

Physiotherapy can help to improve many issues such as:

  • Pain due to reasons such as injury, surgery, and chronic health conditions.
  • Swelling and inflammation.
  • Decreased mobility and range of motion.
  • Weakness.
  • Stiffness.
  • Poor posture.
  • Increased falls risk.

Factors That Impact How Many Physiotherapy Sessions You May Need

When it comes to recovery and improvement, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are many aspects that affect how you heal and respond to physiotherapy. Subsequently, regular and open discussion, updates, and plan adjustments are required. 

The following factors can impact how many physio sessions may assist you to reach your goals and fulfil your needs:

Acute Vs Chronic

The nature of the issue that we are treating significantly affects the time frame associated with treatment. An acute problem, such as a broken bone and soft tissue injury, often requires short-term physiotherapy to support the healing process. This may be one session or a few over several weeks. A chronic problem, such as arthritis, autoimmune conditions, and frequent migraines, may require long-term treatment.


Your age can affect your recovery time. For example, natural wear and tear or health conditions experienced by the elderly may slow the healing process after an injury. 

Your Dedication And Involvement

Physiotherapy sessions can make a significant difference. However, improvement can be slowed or unsuccessful if you do not continue to work on the problem as advised. Afterall, your physiotherapist sees you for a short amount of time each session compared to how much time you can dedicate to your recovery, and your body’s healing process is ongoing.

Your commitment to treatment may involve: 

  • Carrying out recommended exercises and stretches.
  • Making adaptations to movement and activity as advised.
  • Undertaking cold or heat therapy if relevant.
  • Maintaining good posture and utilising adequate ergonomic setups.
  • Making lifestyle adjustments, such as stopping smoking, eating a healthier diet, and getting adequate sleep.
  • Frequent updates and reporting of symptoms and improvements.
  • Persisting with treatment even if improvement is slow.

Your Physiotherapist

Seeking professional assistance is going to be more effective if the professional is knowledgeable and skilled regarding the issue you are dealing with. Our physiotherapy team is experienced and qualified to assist you. We can also collaborate with your medical team if this will be helpful for a more comprehensive approach to your care.

Receive The Physio Care You Need At Powerhouse Physio

You and your physiotherapist will begin to get an idea of how many sessions you will require when symptoms begin to subside to demonstrate that healing is occurring, and functionality is improving. If progress does not seem to be happening, a different physiotherapy approach, further investigation, or referral to a doctor or specialist may be required.

Our team is passionate about helping our patients find relief. As much as we love to get to know you, getting to a point where we can say we no longer need to see you is great! At Powerhouse Physio, we are committed to hard work and honesty, so you can rely on us to provide care as succinctly and thoroughly as possible.

Contact us to make an appointment for an initial consultation to discuss your treatment plan and how long your journey to improvement may take.