Athlete Profile – Andy Lance

The next athlete to feature in Powerhouse’s Athlete Profile series is Andy Lance.

Andy grew up playing sport and has done everything under the sun including playing tennis at a state level and swimmer in his teenage years. He initially found strength training through CrossFit but then made the switch over to powerlifting in 2015.

In his first year Andy came 3rd at GPC National Championships in the 75kg class, an amazing achievement for such a newbie to the sport. Later that year he was invited to participate in ProRaw 7 powerlifting competition and placed 5th with a 230kg squat, 147.5kg bench and 265kg deadlift in the 80kg class. Andy’s current personal bests are 230kg squat in wraps (210kg without), 152.5kg bench and 280kg deadlift.

Andy Lance

Along the way Andy has dabbled in strongman competitions, the biggest of which was the 2016 Arnold Classic in Melbourne where he also placed 5th, however he came first in the under-90kg category in the Canberra Strongman Series last year.

Andy has coached some of Canberra’s strongest competitors in both powerlifting and strongman, and is the owner and strength coach at Function Fitness. Andy continues to help others reach their strength goals and is a passionate participant in the powerlifting and strongman communities.

Andy Lance

Thanks to Nicole Masters Photography for the images from the 2016 Arnold Classic.