Strength and Balance – but not as you know it!

A few weeks ago I took a phone call from an 81 year old lady who was interested in coming in for physio. But she wasn’t coming in for an acute injury or even an ongoing injury that was limiting her – in fact she wasn’t experiencing any pain at all.

At 81 years old, she wanted to take up dancing lessons but she knew her balance and strength would need to improve before she would be able to waltz or samba. She also said that while she wanted to get stronger and improve her balance, she wasn’t interested in performing three sets or 10 reps of anything!

So instead, we tailored an exercise program for her to include things like balance training while waiting for the kettle to boil and instead of squats she sits slowly and stands without using her arms to boost her throughout the day!

Over the past two weeks she has felt her balance and strength dramatically improve and she is looking to start her dance lessons over the next few weeks!

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