AFL and Pre-Season Pre-Hab

Last season I had the privilege of working with the Gungahlin Jets Women’s AFL team. What an incredible experience watching the girls claw their way into a finals position and then perform incredibly to win a premiership (Gungahlin 7.7.49 Eastlake 4.4.28).

They had their fair share of injuries over the season including dislocated shoulders and broken fingers piercing through skin, but they never lost focus. They are a supportive and welcoming group of girls and encourage all abilities to join in for a kick. The momentum of the AFLW league launch has brought many new players down to pre-season training for a kick and as always, they are welcomed with open arms to the Jets family.

I will say this though, be aware of the rough surface that is a sports oval! I have already seen many new players rolling over on their ankles into divots or tufts of grass – especially if they are in footy boots for the first time. Being pre-season, if you do injure yourself, and even if it is ‘just a sprain’, it’s important to get yourself right before returning to training and game practice so that it isn’t something that impacts your performance for the rest of the season, or all year.

In the meantime, it never hurts to do a bit of pre-hab for your ankles. That might include simple things like calf stretches, single leg balance and calf raises.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a first timer on the footy field, make an appointment to see one of the experienced physios at Powerhouse and we can help develop a pre-hab plan to keep you on the field and off the bench this season.