Prehab is an emerging health trend proven to keep athletes and active individuals away from preventable injuries and unnecessary surgeries.  It is a proven, common sense technique that helps prevent injuries before they actually occur, thereby improving quality of life.  Prehab is the most effective way of addressing preventable injury in sports.  It is a form of strength training which can help prevent injuries sustained from repeated wear and exertion.  Prehab is great for anyone awaiting orthopaedic surgery.  Knowing how to activate specific muscles prior to surgery will definitely make post op rehab a lot easier and often quicker.

Prehab might sound intimidating however it can be as simple as having some soft tissue work or specific joint mobilisations performed for anyone who exercises or trains regularly.  You may not feel injured but however if you are putting strain on your body, you will start to get tightness and joint stiffness that could lead to injury.

Think of prehab as a service for your body in the same way you service your car. We are all very good at looking after our cars and getting them serviced but don’t consider doing the same for our bodies even though we can put them through some hard activities.  For best training results regular prehab sessions are a must.

Another form of prehab is preparing your body prior to surgery.  Anyone that has ever had surgery will know how hard it is to get your muscles doing what they are supposed to.  Learning how to correctly activate specific muscles that are weakened post operatively will not only improve your rehab but in most cases speed it up.

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