Post-operative rehab

Repairing your body from a substantial injury (sporting or otherwise) doesn’t finish once you’ve had surgery. Frequently, there is more work to be done after your surgery! Powerhouse Physio are experts at providing post-operative rehab care including rehab programs, as well as post-op injury assessment and management.

The aim of the post-surgical program is regaining joint range of motion, muscle length and strength and finally joint function.  Correct rehabilitation is of the utmost importance in order to regain normal function and to be able to resume all your pre-surgery activities without any issues.

The aim of an initial Post-op rehab appointment is to assess and commence treatment on any dysfunction that has occurred as a result of surgery.  For example, treatment techniques to help reduce swelling and loss of range of movement, as well as muscle activation techniques.  We use specific measurement tools that provides visibility on patients’ improvements.

We also discuss options to help control any post-op pain and discomfort that may be occurring. An outcome of the assessment is a home exercise program (HEP) to follow outside of your physio appointments that enable us to get you back better, stronger and faster.

At Powerhouse Physio we are motivated to get you back doing what you love as quickly and safely as possible.  Once rehab is underway we continue to adapt your HEP adding in strengthening and proprioceptive devices to continue to strengthen and challenge you.