Physio for CrossFit

Three of the most important tools for CrossFit are; a strong mindset, a great coach to ensure your technique is spot-on and an experienced physio to prevent aches and pains so you can stay in the gym improving your fitness.

Powerhouse is the go-to physio in Canberra for CrossFit and Functional Training enthusiasts. Our qualified therapists regularly treat athletes of various levels both in our clinic and at offsite events.

Most elite CrossFit athletes would not be at the top without regular physiotherapy treatment. This isn’t just for injury prevention but also for improving mobility, positioning and increasing efficiency. Whether your goal is to be more active, move better or head to the games and be crowned the fittest on earth, keep your motivation high and positive results flowing by using regular physio sessions to prevent forced time off.

Common injuries

With the high intensity and technical movements incorporated into CrossFit training, there is a reasonable risk of injury, especially when under fatigue, with insufficient guidance or incorrect preparation.

The most common ailments associated with CrossFit style training are:

  • Rotator cuff (bursitis, impingements, sprains and tears)
  • AC joint problems (sprains, degeneration)
  • Lower back pain, usually due to an overload of the lumbar spine
  • Postural dysfunctions (structural, instability, postural)
  • Anterior knee pain

How we can help

  • An assessment of your movement patterns looking for weakness, asymmetry and any underlying mobility issues
  • Hands on therapy for immediate pain relief
  • Localised taping of problem areas to assist you during your next training session
  • Diagnosis and ongoing management for acute or severe injuries, including referrals for further tests such as x-rays/ultrasounds, scans or to a specialist
  • A personalised rehabilitation program – listing corrective, strengthening and stretching exercises to assist your recovery
  • Educating you on what caused your injury or pain and steps to prevent further problems
  • Detailed information on how to monitor your body and how to use release and rolling movements to prevent injury as well as tips for detecting muscle imbalances before they lead to injury


Our therapists have strong, personal backgrounds in these training styles so we understand the philosophy, terminology and lifestyle requirements and can relate first hand with some of the frustrations you face on the mats. It is our goal to help you achieve optimum results and continue training – with modifications if required. We will also happily liaise with and provide regular updates of your progress directly to your coach or trainer to ensure you get a coordinated approach to your rehabilitation, this also ensures that you are scaling or modifying WOD’s as required.