Musculoskeletal Screenings (MSS)

Musculoskeletal Screenings (MSS) involves the gathering of specific information about a person’s injury history followed by performing sport specific tests. These tests are designed to determine whether there are any issues with muscle strength, control, stability as well as joint integrity and function that may contribute to an increased risk of injury.

MSS provide physios with the following information:

  • Past and current injuries and how to manage with regards to future prevention
  • Areas of weakness or instability that can be corrected with a specific exercise program
  • Monitoring physical changes/responses to training load in order to provide better management under higher loads
  • Sport specific flexibility and mobility programs

Who should have screenings?

Anyone who participates in any type of sport can benefit from having a screening, whether you are a weekend warrior or high level athlete.  Sport specific MSS will be tailored to meet the demands of each individuals sport and will involve assessing posture, functional movement patterns, muscle strength and length and joint flexibility.  This information is used to design specific strengthening and stretching programs that will reduce the risk of injury and help with overall sporting performance.  MSS also allow for baseline measures to be collected that can be used as reference for general monitoring and any future rehabilitation.