Physiotherapy treatment is vital to speeding up the healing process, reducing the chance of repeat damage and getting you back in the game.

The achilles tendon is one of the longest tendons in your body, stretching from the bones of your heel through to the calf muscle. Its major function is to allow you to extend your foot and point your toes to the floor.

An injured achilles

An Achilles tendon rupture often presents itself as a severe sudden pain, followed by an inability to bear weight on the leg. A rupture is often described as an audible ‘snap’ or ‘pop’ sound, or a feeling like being kicked or hit in the back of the leg. Several factors can lead to an Achilles injury:

  • Poor flexibility or foot posture
  • Overuse
  • Muscle weakness
  • Untreated Achilles Tendonopathy
  • Poor biomechanics
  • Inadequate warm up
  • Inappropriate training
  • Tight muscles or tendons in the legs
  • Lack of rehabilitation following a previous ankle, calf or Achilles injury

Achilles tendon tears often occur with sudden movement or when lunging forward.


Whether the tendon was treated surgically or non-surgically, it is most likely that the ankle will initially need to be immobilised with a cast. Physio for an Achilles tendon rupture can start immediately after the cast is removed and with a focus on improving the ankles range of motion and increasing the muscle strength and coordination.

Seeing our clients experience awesome results, recover rapidly and achieve things nobody thought was possible is what makes us come to work everyday with a smile. Powerhouse Physio is leading the pack when it comes to ruptured Achilles rehabilitation. Our proven record in getting clients back on their feet fast has led to many of Canberra’s top surgeons referring their patients to us for post-op rehab. Our team are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to this area and can support you every step of the way back to health.

Powerhouse Success Story

Kai had been preparing to run the New York Marathon for the first time in November 2014 but unfortunately ruptured his Achilles tendon a few months before the big race. Kai was a regular Powerhouse client before his injury and much of his incredible recovery can be attributed to his dedication to pre-hab. Combined with regular physio sessions, cutting edge technology from the United States and an unbelievable amount of commitment, Kai achieved an incredible feat.

  • Kai was out of his cast for only 7-weeks before conquering his first post-op calf raise during a Powerhouse session.
  • Just 8-weeks out of plaster, after focusing on increasing his range of motion Kai jogs for the first time down the Powerhouse hallway.
  • Less than 4-months post Achilles surgery, Kai completed the New York Marathon in 4:19, a truly outstanding result.

If you’ve been injured, are currently recovering from an Achilles tendon issue or have surgery scheduled, contact us to discuss how we can get you back in action faster and stronger.